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Watch award winning film 68 Pages ONLINE FREE August 8, 2009

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watch award winning film ’68 Pages’


at the online Humanity Explored Film Festival


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68 Pages : Director: Sridhar Rangayan | Genre: Drama | Produced In: 2007

Produced by: The Humsafar Trust | Associate Producer: Solaris Pictures

Synopsis: A searingly honest film about five lives marked by pain and bound by hope – in 68 Pages of a counselor’s diary. A transsexual bar dancer, a prostitute, a gay couple – characters often ignored by Bollywood take center stage to tell their stories of pain and trauma, of happiness and hope, of stories never dealt with sensitively. Coming from a country like India that is still in denial, ’68 Pages’ rips open the underbelly of its society to reveal how it stigmatizes and shuns those who are HIV+ or even those who just want to be what they are.

Upcoming screenings of film 68 Pages

* Aug 1 – Satrang Fundraiser Screening, Los Angeles, USA

* Aug 11 – Q Film Festival, Bali, Indonesia

* Aug 12 – Screening at ICAAP9, Bali, Indonesia

* Oct 2 – Perspektive – International Human Rights Film Festival, Germany

Official Site – www.humsafar.org/68pages.htmwww.68pages.blogspot.com and www.solarispictures.com