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68 Pages Film August 28, 2007

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Outline of the Film

Mansi is a counselor. Her ethics demand that she maintain confidentiality, be objective and not get emotional. But is it possible for a sensitive young woman to remain unaffected by the suffering she witnesses around her?Mansi’s true feelings are reflected in the pages of her diary where she writes about those whom she cannot leave behind in the counselling room. It is through these pages that we see the stories of Paayal, a sex worker; Nishit, an ID user; Kiran, a gay man and Umrao, a transsexual bar dancer – and their issues of being part of marginalized communities before and after becoming HIV positive.Their stories have the capacity to touch, heal and change lives…lives of those who do not lose hope.68 Pages is inspired by reflections of true life incidents.The film is a tribute to the human spirit of optimism and survival.

More info at http://www.68pages.blogspot.com

Still from the film 68 Pages


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